White-label EV Charging Platform

Vertically integrated Whitelabel electric charging hardware and software platform. Complete control of electric vehicle charging, services, and monetization.

Wavenetic EVBOX

Wavenetic AC charger

Discover the Wavenetic white-label EV Charger. The most durable and intelligent AC charger for homes, businesses, and charge point operators.



EV Features

Always connected

Bluetooth 5.0 / WiFi 4G / LTE / LTE-NB RFID / NFC MODBUS, CAN, UART, USB OCPP 1.6 / *2.0

Smart Charge Controller

Intelligent IEC 61851-1 (mode 3 charging) charger controller.

Dynamic load management

Distribute power intelligently through a pool of EV chargers.

Best in class protection

Smart residual current monitor of DC and AC residual currents of 6mA and 30mA.

Advanced Power Monitoring

Energy monitoring solution for energy consumption and usage patterns. ( 3 + 1 )

Steel housing

External steel layer combined with strong IP65 internal plastic layer.

Whitelabel platform

Branded Services

A complete hardware and software platform, tailored to your business specific requirements.

Only platform you need

Platform and mobile app platform

Cloud-based 360 electrical vehicle platform. Connecting a straightforward mobile user interface, deep analytics, station management features, and advanced mobile billing.

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Mobile Application EV
Cloud EV Platform Station
White-label Mobile & Web Apps

Custom application branding tailored to your branding requirements.

Complete EV Operations

Simple to use station management using mobile and web applications. Critical controls at your fingertips.

Smart Energy Managment

Connect several stations to a grid deployment using power queueing and priority load balancing.

Payments and Billing

Complete monetization and payments using mobile QR codes or payment terminals.

Charge point operators (CPOs)

Private companies



White-labelling for any use case

The Wavenetic white label platform powers Electrical Vehicle's future from private companies to governments and public utilities. Wavenetic makes white-labeling cost-effective and straightforward for any business.

Why customers choose Wavenetic

  • Next Generation EV Charging Station

    Wavenetic vertically integrated approach enables custom EV station design and services for a complete Whitelabel Electric vehicle charging solution.

  • White-label platform

    Cloud-based platform. A combined mobile user interface, deep analytics, station management features, and advanced mobile billing.

  • Integrated Monetization

    Monetize your charging infrastructure by time or energy consumed. Integrated with your business requirement.

  • Fast Go-to-Market

    Design your station housing on top of the EVBOX or use a ready to deploy charging solution as a Wallbox or Public EV AC charging solution..

  • Low maintance costs

    Modular 3 layer hardware design enables industrial-level service requirements for long-run operation and hardware replacement requirements.


Wallbox Ev Charging Station

Wavenetic 22kW WallBox series enables rapid deployments for home and business users. Stainless steel and tempered glass combined into a robustly designed charging station for socket or cable deployments.



Wavenetic Wallbox
Wavenetic Public EV Charger


Public EV Charging Station

Wavenetic 2x22kW Public series enables business and public deployments. Integrated 7" high contrast screen provides a driven user experience on top of a stainless steel vandal-proof housing. The EV station can charge two vehicles simultaneously.



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